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///~/// The Toy Box ///~///

Icon Bases by tpp_icons

Welcome to The Toy Box!

Here's where I'll put all of the icon bases I've made for you to use for whatever you want. :) That's right, YOU get to take these images, change them to look the way you want, and use them for your journal. Or perhaps even your icon journal; for those who have one. Credit is not necessary for these! :o You are more than welcome to give me credit for the bases, but it's not a rule or anything. All I ask is that you do not direct/hot link.

Please Note: I'm putting ALL of the bases I make ONLY IN THIS POST. Meaning, any textless icons in this journal that are not on this post are not bases and are not meant to be modified. Please respect that.

Please Also Note: Greatest Journal changes the name of the files that are hosted by them. Therefore, the graphics found on this post will be named the same thing. If you save more than one of them, you might want to change the name.

Editing Examples: ( Yes, I know these are odd. I was just playing around. ^^;; )

You can just add text. Make it funky. Change colors. Add things on the side. Cut out things. Animate. Whatever!

Hope you enjoy and have fun! ^___^


Started: 02-10-2005
Last Updated: 03-01-2005
Current Base Count: 240

///~/// Finding Nemo ///~///
Base Count: 20

///~/// Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban ///~///
Base Count: 72

///~/// The Lion King 1 and 1/2 ///~///
Base Count: 16

///~/// Pirates of the Caribbean ///~///
Base Count: 60

///~/// Shrek 2 ///~///
Base Count: 56

///~/// Van Helsing ///~///
Base Count: 16

I may add some more later, especially if they are useful. :) I probably won't add anymore because there are so many... I'm sure the dial-up users want to spork me by now. o__o

If you didn't find what you need/want, perhaps you could find something at icon_bases.

///~/// Legal ///~///

Disclaimer: I do not own the images that came from movies. I'm not making any profit from this.

All images © to their respective owners.
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