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PotC and "x" Icons


I think I'm getting much better at making icons. I may not be amoung the best, but they are definitely better than the ones I use to make... I use to just slap text on the icons. Gaaaah. x__x; I'm thinking about deleting the first post and reposting only some of those icons later (mainly the animated ones) because I think they really suck... Some people seem to like them, so I dunno. *shrugs*

Anyway, to the icons on this post!

If you use any, please credit either 'tpp_icons' or 'phantompanther'. Also, textless icons are not bases. Thank you. More info can be found here. :)

Post Contains:
PotC: 13 icons - 5 still, 8 animated
x: 44 icons - 44 Still



01. 02. 03. 04.

01-02. The same idea, just different picture of the moon. Could work for other fandoms as well. Harry Potter, Van Helsing, etc.
03-04. Just having fun with the pictures. Looks pretty funky, eh? XD
05. I know Will isn't evil. He just looks evil in the cap. I wanted the text to be hard to read on purpose. (Not necessarily THAT hard to read, but okay.) Text says "Cute but EVIL". The only word you can really read is "EVIL". Oh well. XD;


01. 02. 03. 04.
05. 06. 07. 08.

01. I really like this one. Poor Jack. XD
02. Dark images, tiny animation. Bleh. Sorry about that... CJS = Captain Jack Sparrow
03-04. Two versions of an idea I had. Didn't come out quite as I had imagined it.
05-07. Captain Jack Sparrow rocks!
08. The animation doesn't look so good when it's that tiny. The bigger version looks really cute to me. Bloody 40K limit. :/

I know that these aren't really anything original, but I've always wanted to make them and I was inspired when I saw a bunch of broken links. XD They were fun to make in my opinion. Who came up with the first x icon(s) anyway? Anyone know? *curious*

Also, I'm sure some of these icons could have been made before. If they were, so sorry. I didn't do it on purpose. I was typing up almost anything that popped into my head. XD;


01. 02. 03. 04.
05. 06. 07. 08.
09. 10. 11. 12.
13. 14. 15. 16.
17. 18. 19. 20.
21. 22. 23. 24.
25. 26. 27. 28.
29. 30. 31. 32.
33. 34. 35. 36.
37. 38. 39. 40.
41. 42. 43. 44.

01. Heehee. X3
03. This one may have been made before. I wouldn't be surprised. ^^;
04. I hope you get that... If not, bascially, I'm saying the icon is naked without it's image. XD
08. I'm sure some of you know how the icon feels. XD
09. You can get one of those here. (Caution: Lots of images.)
12. Stop looking at it, sheesh! J/K. XD
13. One of my favorites. X3
14. I'm sure you know how that is.
17-18. Icons setting a bad example. Shame on them! :O
19-20. ...What?
23. Pesky plot bunnies!
24. I like this one. XD
28-34. Everyone is running away, apparently.
38-39. Fandom References. XD

Links: Coming Soon

Disclaimer: I do not own Pirates of the Caribbean. Disney does. They own everything, didn't ya know? XD I'm not making any money off of this either. I mean, honestly, how could I?
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