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Various Icons - Over 50

Wow, so I don't think I posted anything on this account or even logged onto it for over a year. O_o; No updates in 2006. I hadn't realized it was that long. *blink*

The host I used before isn't allowing any more uploads, so I had to use another one. *mutters* Now it's even more important that you do not hot link to my icons. I would really appreciate it if you wouldn't. I really don't want to use up all of my bandwidth. =/

Various Icons Including: Harry Potter, Pokemon, Disney movies, and Phantom of the Opera

I have learned how to make a glitter-like effect. Run for your lives! o_o

- Credit is appreciated.
- Comments are also appreciated. However, I do not expect you to leave one. If you want to, that's fine, but I really don't mind if you don't. And although I really appreciate them, I probably won't reply. Please understand that I am doing a lot of stuff and I am easily distracted...
- Don't claim that you made them...


Caution: Some of the things said on the icons may be considered as offensive. Although, considering that this is the internet, you're probably used to it by now. Just thought I would point it out anyway.

Some of the icons may have tiny little mistakes. Sorry about that... =/

Harry Potter
The "IM IN UR" thing is so fun to play around with. XD;

I accidently spelt it 'Glittercon' instead of 'GlitterIcon' in the filename and only noticed that when I was on the last few. XD; Ah well, they're...special? I also forgot to put a border on some of them... Speaking of speacial...

Random Disney Stuff

Last one suggested by atrypical

I'm thinking about making some Treasure Planet icons...hmmm...

Phantom of the Opera
Raoul related, because I like him and it's hard to find Raoul icons unless they're making fun of him... =/

Random icons that I've made. =)


Also, if you like kittens and/or would like to help support me, I have two kitty videos for your viewing pleasure. ^^ They're both around 20 seconds, so they're not very time consuming.

Video links should pop up in a new window.

Crossposted links at 100x100movies, disney_icons, hp_icons, and pokemon_icons. Sorry if you see this more than once on your flist.
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